Live Dental Surgery





Attendees from Germany & all around the Middle-East

The Challenge

To film a dental surgery without getting in the way of the surgeon or compromising the sterile field and live-stream the footage from a small village in the center of Malta into the main meeting room of a 5 Star Hotel, and then to have simultaneous interpretation of the Surgeons unscripted comments from English into 6 Languages.

Our Solution

We fixed micro-cameras to the dentists light, to get maximum visual while we ensured minimum interference to the surgeon. Working closely with a local TV provider, we setup a series of satellite dishes on 6 buildings from the Surgery to the Hotel, to give us the most seamless video feed. And our team of 12 Interpreters were given a crash course in Dental Surgery procedures to ensure they were familiar with all the terminology that might come up on the day.

The Result

A resounding success. There was a small complication during the surgery which resulted in a change of surgical plan, however our interpreters were so well prepared that they carried on without batting an eye.

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